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For New Build Properties

When buying a brand new property that's just been built new homeowners wonder "Can anything go wrong?" but the answer is unfortunately, yes it can!

The average newly built property will typically have between 50 and 150 defects which can result in £1,000's of work. One in every 12 newly built properties have in excess of 200 defects which range from simple matters such as shoddy paint finishes to more serious issues such as faulty wiring and floors not being level.

With over 39 years experience in the Construction Industry and Chartered Members of the Chartered Institute of Building we at Berry Party Wall Surveyors are in an extremely strong position to assist new-build homeowners and are determined to push for higher standards of new-build property handovers. Our aim is to supply buyers of new-build properties with a highly professional and extremely comprehensive snagging service.

We also offer a re-inspection service to check all the jobs on the Snagging Survey have been done after two months or, alternatively,  why not take advantage of our Full Package which includes a follow up visit after 18 months ensuring that the works are completed before the National House Building Council warranty expires.

We supply a full written report with corresponding photographic evidence identifying all the faults found so that it is easy for a new-build property buyer to see exactly what snagging works need to be done to complete their new home to the high standard they deserve!

Please see our comprehensive check list below:-

  • ​​​Plaster and Paintwork​

  • Soil Quality Test

  • Inspection of Roof and Guttering

  • Garage Inspection

  • Groundwork Inspection (including obvious visual above ground signs of Japanese Knotweed)

  • Loft Inspection

  • Electrical Test on Sockets (not tested beyond normal everyday operation)

  • Plumbing Tests to Inspect for Leaks (not tested beyond normal everyday operation)

  • Co (Carbon Monoxide) Safety Test

  • Heating System Check (using a Thermal Camera as an optional extra)

  • Level Flooring, Square Walls and Flat Ceiling Inspection

  • Brickwork and Fenestration Inspection

  • Joinery Inspection

  • Fire Safety Measures

We work to National House-Building standards and want to assure you that we will check your new home as an independent company.


Snagging Survey
(New Customers)

1/2 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

4 Bedrooms


5 Bedrooms

6 + Bedrooms / 2500 sq ft


(Existing Customers)

1/2 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

4 Bedrooms


5 Bedrooms

6 Bedrooms 2,500 sq ft


Full Package

Snagging Survey + 2 Months Re-Inspection

+  18 Month Survey prior to the National House 

Building Council Warranty's expiration

1/2 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

4 Bedrooms


5 Bedrooms

6 Bedrooms 2,500 sq ft


J Nutman, Bexleyheath, Kent

"Very good. Took pictures everywhere. Even noticing that my garage roof
flashing needed

Jeanette, Gravesend, Kent

"Scott was really helpful. He explained the process fully ... kept me informed and provided guidance throughout the entire process."

Kev, Rochester, Kent

"Great service. Survey undertaken & party wall award produced at short notice. Great comms & reasonably priced."