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Berry Party Wall


Specialist Party Wall Surveyors in Bexleyheath, Kent.

Berry Party Wall Surveyors are one of the leading Party Wall specialists in the Bexleyheath area. With consistently high google reviews and competitive prices we aim to deliver a gold standard service.

We offer free, no-obligation advice tailored to the needs of our clients in the Bexleyheath area, from minor renovations to major construction projects.

If you need help to understand the Acts requirements please call us now, our fast professional service will ensure your interests are protected at every stage.

At Berry Party Wall Surveyors we specialise in all Party Wall Matters in Bexleyheath.  


We recognise that the intricacies of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 can be somewhat daunting but please rest assured that many party wall issues can be resolved with relative ease. Our Knowledgeable team of experts can help to guide you through the complexities of the Act.


Building Owners may be obligated to serve Notice(s) on their neighbours for specific works under the Act allowing the works to commence within a defined timeframe, whilst safeguarding the interests of the neighbouring property owners. We are committed to providing the information needed to make informed decisions and ensure compliance with the Act.

Our experienced professionals are at hand to offer comprehensive party wall services specific to your needs, ensuring that your project proceeds smoothly and efficiently whilst protecting your neighbours interests. Please contact us for free, expert & impartial advice, we will be happy to assist. For a more detailed explanation please explore the information below.



Mark, Bexleyheath

Scott was very efficient and informative ... he answered our queries quickly and professionally ... Would highly recommend

Kerry, Welling

Scott responded quickly to my calls and was very helpful in
providing me with advice and guidance during this process
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Pauline, Sidcup

The service I received was outstanding ... the advice given was quick & excellent ... Would
highly recommend
Berry Party Wall Surveyors
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